Period Of Recovery After The Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

A good post operational care is one of the most important steps when you undergo the LASIK eye surgery procedure. It is crucial to follow the instructions with great care and to use the daily medication in the way that was prescribed. After the procedure, make sure that you keep your eyes closed for the first 4-5 hours. The cornea tissue needs to heal and it would be the best to take some rest and let it heal naturally.


The best thing to do is to take a nap or go to sleep. Also, always shake the medication bottles before the using. The content of the bottles tends to settle down on the bottom and it is important to restore its chemical balance by shaking the bottle for a few moments. Never take more than the prescription says. Put one drop of medication in each operated eye but make sure to wait a minute between drops. Do not let the bottle top touch your eyes at any moment.

Depending on the procedure, there are certain steps that every patient needs to follow in order to make sure that the recovery process will go well and result in a restored and clear vision. Various medications must be applied in order for the eyes to recover completely. Each medication needs to be taken as prescribed and in order as prescribed to make sure that the eyes will recover properly.

Some important tips after the surgery

It is paramount to take some steps of precaution during the recovery period. Avoid watching TV or working on a computer and reading after the procedure for the rest of the day and follow the order of the eye drops. That is the most important thing that you need to pay attention to.

You will get your eye shields after the surgery and it would be wise to wear them at night for seven days.

Avoid rubbing your eyes for the period or three weeks and if you need to take a shower the day after the surgery, make sure that you keep your eyes closed at all times. It would be best to avoid the water spraying directly in your face as well as shampoo or soap. If you are a girl, avoid any eye cosmetics for at least seven days. If you are used to working out, do not do it too excessively for at least five days because the sweat is not good for your eyes too.


Two weeks after the surgery, avoid any hot tubs, sauna or swimming and use sunglasses when you go out. It would be best to wear sunglasses for at least three weeks because they will protect your still sensitive eyes from dust and wind and sun. If there is a need to use a plane, it is safe to fly five days after the procedure. It may happen that you feel your eyes burn but that is a normal symptom.