Here Is Why Getting A New Tablet Won’t Necessarily Make You A Better Writer

There is a lot of work for writers nowadays. If you are good at writing and have a researcher mentality, you might as well take your talents to a whole new level and build a solid career for yourself. On the other hand, many writers, or Ewriters to be precise, would like to learn how to boost their productivity. Here is just why ordering a new Ewriter Tablet, might not be just that great of an idea.

Ewriter Tablets Are A Myth

There are many tablets out there to choose from, but none of them are specifically build for writers. In other words, you will get an amazing gizmo on which you will be able to listen to music, read some books or magazine, use the internet, but it is highly unlikely that you will be able to successfully type on it. For the typing part you will still have to consider using a keyboard of some kind, which then turns your tablet into a laptop, wouldn’t you agree? In that sense, it is then better to get a new laptop that will have a better performance characteristics and better battery life.

Will You Be Boosting Your Productivity?

For those Ewriters who are still very much confident that they can pull off writing and typing on a tablet, think about your productivity for a while as well. Just because you can make something work, that does not mean it will definitely make your writing more productive. Chances are you will struggle with the typing part, unless you make it somehow possible for you to use a speech recognition software or an additional piece of equipment that will make typing easier.

What A Tablet Could Provide You With?

But there is a silver lining as well! If you are deciding whether or not a tablet could help your writing career, then let me reassure you that there definitely are some aspects that could help you, that unfortunately are not concerned with the typing part. What you could do, however, is revise some of the texts you have already written, or do some corrections, while lying at the beach sipping your Pina Coladas.

In addition, you could also read books and we all know that being a writer means that we also have to read a lot and do a lot of research. Which brings us to research! You could definitely use your tablet to do some internet research, read papers and magazines and create some notes that will help you with writing once you get back to your computer. Among other things, you could also use your tablet to watch movies, read books, listen to music and use it for fun basically. All of this could mean that a tablet could be useful for a writer, just not in the most important department.