Social Media and Marketing in 2017

With the year 2016 finally coming to an end, we have decided to share our thoughts on the topic of social media and marketing in the following year.

1. Videos are BIG

A large percentage of marketers admitted that they would be creating a lot more video content if they had the time. We have learned that one-third of the marketers are trying to figure out how to focus more of their time on Facebook video.

At the moment, videos are popular because they stand out in the Facebook News Feed, but it won’t stay this way forever. More and more marketers are noticing the popularity of videos on Facebook, and soon enough everyone will be using them. The time when brands will be paying for video reach is very near.

2. Marketers Remain on Facebook

Even tho the drop in organic reach on Facebook is real, a large number of marketers claim that their use of Facebook has been the same or increased during the past 12 months.
Over 90% of the marketers use Facebook for their business, and it looks like this won’t change when the year 2017 comes.

3. Social Media Used for Customer support

It is strange that not many businesses use social media for customer support. Only one in every five businesses is using social media for customer support, and this is what is keeping them ahead of the game.

The number of people who look for customer support on Twitter and Facebook is rising at a fast pace. If your business needs a boost, and you would like it to stand out from the crowd, think about utilizing the power of social media to help out your customers. Your customers will appreciate it.

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